INTERVIEW: Calum Best (Best Life Supps)

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NAME: Best Life Supplements
FOUNDER/CEO: Calum Best / Gavin Black
LOCATION: London / Henley on Thames
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Hi Calum, welcome to ‘Learn As You Lift’! Lets start with your new company – Best Life Supp’s. What is the driving force behind your it, and what are your goals in the industry?

Myself and my business partner Gavin Black have created something very special with Best Life. It’s more than a supplement company, it’s a positive network of like minded people. We provide our customers with products and motivation to burn fat, build muscle and make positive changes in order to lead a better life. Our goal for rest of 2015 is to increase awareness. In 2016 you will see Best Life – The Aesthetic Lifestyle Company, go global.

Are your supplements designed for the regular health enthusiast, or will you be purposely targeting top-level athletes?

Best Life products are extremely high quality and could certainly be used by top level athletes, but our core target market is real people looking for real results.

What do you think is more important to your customers: Strength or aesthetics?

Aesthetics no doubt. We’ve just trademarked the tag line ‘The Aesthetic Lifestyle’ but we do offer a testosterone booster for guys looking to pack on some extra muscle.

Customers tend to stick with companies they love and trust. How do you plan to sway new and dedicated customers to your brand?

We’ve got a lot of good things going on right now. High quality products, the Best Life gym in Henley and a gym clothing line coming out. These are our core lines we’ll be focussing on for 2015. Alongside that we have ongoing NPD (new product development). We’re a start up, we are fresh, young and nimble. Our business model is constantly evolving.

Cost can be a determining factor when buying supplements. Lets say a customer can only afford to buy one product. Which one would you recommend and why?

Our fat burner CUTZ. Why? Because with a clean diet and exercise it will get you ripped in 30 days. FACT. That’s a fast body transformation and something we are proud of.


How important are the trade shows and expos to the growth of your company?

Expo’s are a double edge sword. They are certainly useful for mass exposure, but they are extremely expensive. We’ll be at the BodyPower Expo this year and hoping to hit FIBO in 2016.

What have you found to be the biggest and most important recent development in the supplement industry?

Regulation. The supplement industry is still a rapidly growing industry, but there are still a lot of sharks out there. Regulation and quality control from the bodies such as Informed Sports and ESSNA can only benefit the industry and more importantly the consumer.

How do you find the balance between protecting formulas for your flagship products, and delivering a level of transparency to your customers?

All Best Life products are made to strict manufacturing guidelines so customers can have peace of mind when it comes to the quality and safety of our supplements. All the ingredients are listed on our labels and our website, it’s all good. The consumer these days is more knowledgable, they know what they are looking for so why hide anything.

What are some new products we can look out for?

After BodyPower we will be realising TSTX our Testosterone Booster, we’re just about to launch our protein powder and we will be adding some very cool products to our range in 2016, a few things the industry hasn’t see before.



Name – Calum Best
Age – 34

What led you to become involved in the fitness industry?

A dramatic change in lifestyle, without getting too deep I lost my dad at 24 and it sent me on a dark downward spiral, luckily I was able to come out of it and start to train and focus dramatically on my health . With that change came a lifestyle changes and bestlife evolved.

What’s more important to you: Having a good-looking body, or one you can use in an athletic environment?

For me personally I’m about wanting to feel like an athlete, cardio, watt bike, football, boxing, all bettering your health. And with those, you get the better looking body too!Haha. For me it’s still a total work in progress but I’m on the right path.

Which Best Life supplements do you use and do you only take the for specific workouts?

I back all of my supps, I take what I put out there. For me the CUTZ pre-workout/fat burner is essential to raise my energy levels as my days are non-stop as I’m sure are all our customers.

Now that your a fully fledged member of the fitness community, can we expect to see you stepping on stage anytime soon?

Haha!No no, not me. Luckily I can run the business and I like being creative coming up with new ideas and angles to help BestLife evolve, and we’re very lucky to have some incredible sponsored athletes that nail that job for us!

Before we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to share? Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to? Where do you go in the future?

My mother for sure, she’s been into fitness and health her whole life. I remember the days when I was drinking heavily every night and she would try to balance it with liver cleanse pills bless her. Lomax gym, for being the first gym I joined when I got back into my training in London. And now my good pal and fitness app genius ‘Scott Alexander’, he’s had me on a serious cardio, food, and training plan for 8 weeks now that’s seriously changed me for the better and his new ‘cardio guru’ app is gonna change the Fitness app game!

Great stuff Calum! Thanks for taking the time to talk to Learn As You Lift and we wish you the very ‘BEST’ of luck in the future! See you at Bodypower!

Jay – Learn As You Lift.


As we progress on our fitness journeys we are all constantly learning new things! The aim is not only to provide our own knowledge but also to share your experiences both in and out of the gym.

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