INTERVIEW: Fitness Model Alex Crockford (Surrey, England)

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Name: Alex Crockford
Age: 24
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Hometown: Surrey, England
Sponsors: Reflex Nutrition Supplements / The Fitness Foods Company Food / Legacy Sportswear


Hi Alex, lets start at the beginning. Were you always interested in health and fitness or was it in your later years that you got into it?

I have always been into health and fitness. It all began with playing team sports such as football and basketball (and pretty much everything else), however by the time I got to college and university I was focusing on purely the gym rather than sports. This started my love and passion for health, fitness and building a strong, fit body.

What was the reaction of the people around you when you told them you wanted to become a fitness model?

Well, the belief and suggestions from the people around me is what really helped me make those first steps. The majority of people around me have always said I could become a model, so once I also started to believe it was possible I then made the steps to follow my dream. I really do have a lot to thank for those certain people who helped me believe in myself at the beginning of my modelling career.

With regards to training, how has it changed over the years? Would you say you primarily stay within a certain rep range or do you change it up for certain muscle groups?

I have been training (lifting weights) since I was a teenager and I have used so many different types of training methods. I think the main reason its changed is because I have learnt so much over the years, not just from reading but mainly through my own body. The main thing is to keep learning about your own body and how it adapts to certain training methods, we are all different!

If you could single out a particular routine that has helped bring out a muscle group what would it be?

Isolating muscle groups will always help grow and strengthen that muscle, however something I would really recommend are large muscle compound movements. When I started to include squats and deadlifts more regular into my routine I started to experience much more muscle growth throughout the entire body! These involve the largest muscles in the body and have a huge benefit to fat loss and lean tissue growth.

Do you have an example of your current workout routine to show us?

I have had some really good results from this routine recently –

Day 1 – legs (starting with squats)
Day 2 – chest
Day 3 – back
Day 4 – shoulders
Day 5 – legs (starting with deadlifts)
Day 6 – arms
Day 7 – rest

Adding 3 separate HIIT cardio sessions alongside these 6 sessions. Sounds intense but very rewarding!

Does your training change depending on if you are getting ready for a shoot or competition?

Yes, absolutely. When a shoot is coming up I still keep focus on high volume weights sessions, however I may increase the intensity by adding more circuit style/drop sets/super sets into the session. This will keep muscles full but trigger a fat burning response too!
Other than that, I increase cardio sessions too. Usually alternating between LISS & HIIT cardio sessions daily (on a separate workout to the weights workout). Coming up to a shoot, the hours in the gym really start to add up…

What is your diet like right now?

I base my diet around healthy, real, unprocessed foods such as a variety of lean meats, vegetables, rice, sweet potato, nuts and small amounts of fruit etc. I then supplement on top of this for the best benefit.

How does your diet change when you are getting ready for a show?

When I am preparing for a photoshoot my overall calories reduce, resulting in fat loss. The calories are mainly reduced from carbohydrate sources, leaving the protein content the same and fats moderate, with the effort to hold on to hard earned muscle whilst burning fat.

What supplements do you use and why?

I am sponsored by Reflex Nutrition and I use these products for so many reasons, especially due to the fact that they hold such a great ethos and prioritise quality over anything else!
I use the full range of products, focusing mainly on whey protein, casein protein, muscle bomb pre workout and of course the amazing new RBar protein bar. Alongside these I supplement with krill oil, vitamin D, multivitamin and zinc matrix.

If you had to give just one piece of advice/information to people just getting into the industry what would that be?

Wow I think I could write a whole list, however something I think that needs to be understood is the fact that health and fitness is not just a hobby or a part time thing, it is a LIFESTYLE! Only start getting into the industry of you are fully ready to be consistent with an exercise routine, healthy eating and a strong mind set. Its not a lifestyle for the faint hearted, if it was easy, then we would all be walking around with six packs….!

Favourite motivational quote?

‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion’ Muhammad Ali

This always seems to stick in my head when I’m killing myself in the gym!


As we progress on our fitness journeys we are all constantly learning new things! The aim is not only to provide our own knowledge but also to share your experiences both in and out of the gym.

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