INTERVIEW: Miami Pro Fitness Model & Optimum Nutrition Athlete JOEL CORRY

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Name: Joel Corry
Age: 25
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Weight: 78 KG
Hometown: Barnet, Hertfordshire
Sponsors: Optimum Nutrition & MuscleFood

Miami Pro Overall Fitness Model Champion
Pure Elite Overall Fitness Model Champion
Top 3 @ WBFF London



Hey Joel, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to us! Lets start at the beginning. Were you interested in bodybuilding & fitness as a child or were you always an athlete and you turned to it later in your teen years?

As a child I loved watching action movies with Arnie or Stallone! Their characters in films such as Commando & Rocky definitely inspired me! I started hitting the gym around the age of 16, my dad was a manager at a local leisure centre, and so I was able to get free access to the gym! At school I was one of the first boys to start lifting and it didn’t take long until I was fully hooked!

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What was the reaction of the people around you when you told them you wanted to be a professional in the fitness industry?

I like to keep my circle small and always had huge support from those special people around me! Competition prep is very tough and I believe you need a good support system around you to keep your spirits high when times get hard!


Being a regular on MTV’s Geordie Shore was it hard balancing the fitness lifestyle with the party lifestyle that is depicted in the show?

I guess I had the best of both worlds, as I was not a permanent member of the house! Therefore I could go and party for a few nights during filming and then get back to my training and diet for the rest of the week! I did feel sorry for some of the boys in the house like James, as I know he found it hard to keep a balance!

You’re well known for many reasons, not just because of the show but also for being a fitness model & a superstar DJ. What is your favourite thing to do out of all your roles?

My two passions in life are DJing and fitness. I am lucky to be able to make a living doing the things I love! They are very different areas of work so it is hard to compare! The rush I get from dropping banging tunes in front of a huge crowd is just as good as walking out on stage at a fitness competition and brining home trophies!

Being a DJ myself, I know how hard it is to manage the late nights and early morning training sessions. What do you do to keep on top of your diet when you’re prepping for a competition?

Balancing my busy touring schedule and competition prep was the hardest thing I have ever done! There were many occasions where I hit breaking point, but I was so hungry to win I just pushed through! The key was planning ahead, from finding local gyms to train at in the cities I was DJing in to prepping up to 15 meals at a time to take on the road with me. The late nights were a killer and did affect me badly, however everybody who steps on stage would have faced obstacles along the way, and I didn’t have time for excuses!

How has your training changed over the years? Would you say you primarily stay within a certain rep range or do you change it up for certain muscle groups?

I am always learning and developing my training routine in the gym! Over time you gain knowledge of your own body and find certain things that work best for you! Regarding rep range I have always like to train very intense! I aim to feel the burn so generally incorporate drop sets with all exercises across all muscle groups. A standard drop set would consist of using an initial heavy weight for around 8 reps, and then straight away drop down to a lighter weight and hit a further 10-12 reps!


If you could single out a particular routine that has helped bring out a muscle group what would it be?

During my competition prep I was training legs twice a week, for up to 3 hours a time. My legs were my weakest area, so I was very focused in bringing them up to the level required to win my comps! These sessions were brutal, but they worked! On stage my legs dominated, I had transformed my weakest area into one of my strongest!
My leg training routine looks like this:

Exercise 1: Squats

3 x warm up sets (20-30 reps)

3 x working sets (8-10 reps)

3 x pause sets with reduced weight (8-10 reps)

Exercise 2: Lunges

3 x working sets (8-10 reps)

Exercise 3: Leg Press (narrow feet)

Start with low weight and increase with every set
Set 1 / 50 reps
Set 2 / 40 reps
Set 3 / 30 reps
Set 4 / 20 reps
Set 5 / 10 reps

Exercise 4: Vertical Leg Press (wide feet)

3 x working sets (12-15 reps)

Exercise 5: Seated Leg Curl

4 x working sets (12-15 reps)

Exercise 6: Leg Extension

4 x working sets with drop (8-10 reps / drop set 12-15 reps)

Exercise 7: Lying Leg Curl

4 x working sets (12-15 reps)

Exercise 8: Glute Extension

4 x working sets (12-15 reps)

Does your training change depending on if you are getting ready for a contest or if it is the off-season?

Not really! I like to stay lean and keep my shape all year round, so I apply the same training principles at all times! I relax a bit on my diet during off-season but I have never done a traditional bulking off-season!

What is your diet like right now?

Meal 1
Oatmeal / Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein / Blueberries

Meal 2
Chicken Breast / Sweet Potato

Meal 3
Beef Mince / Brown Rice / Green Beans

Meal 4 (PWO shake)

Optimum Nutrition Hydrowhey / Optimum Nutrition Glycomaize

Meal 5
Chicken Breast / White Potato

Meal 6
Tuna / White Potato / Green Beans

Meal 7
0% Fat Greek Yoghurt / Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

How does your diet change when you are getting ready for a show?

During contest prep you allow yourself a certain amount of calories per day! Therefore it is crucial to weigh every element of your meals to fit into your macros! It is a long and somewhat boring process, but vital in achieving top conditioning!

What’s your 3 fundamental supplements?

Whey Protein, BCAAs and a good multi-vitamin!

My whey protein of choice:
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein and Optimum Nutrition Hydrowhey

My BCAAs of choice:
Optimum Nutrition Pro BCAA

My Multi-Vitamin of choice:
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men


If you had to give just one piece of advice/information to people looking to build a physique what would that be?

RESEARCH! There is a huge pool of information available on the Internet and it is easy to access! It is so important to gain the basic knowledge of training and diet before embarking on training and diet plan! The more knowledge people have, the fewer mistakes they will make and the quicker they will achieve their goals!

Favourite motivational quote?


Thanks again Joel & maybe we can hit that training session in the near future 😉

Jay – @LearnAsYouLift

As we progress on our fitness journeys we are all constantly learning new things! The aim is not only to provide our own knowledge but also to share your experiences both in and out of the gym.

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