INTERVIEW: Optimum Nutrition Athlete Daniel Yeomans (Wales, UK)

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Name: Daniel Yeomans
Age: 25
Height: 178cm
Weight: 95kg
Hometown: Drefach (Little Welsh village)
Sponsors: Optimum Nutrition / Machine Fitness / PROMiXX / Cafe Pure


– 2014 Welsh Physique Champion
– Qualified and competed at the Arnold Classic Madrid
– British 4th place (1st year of competing)


Hey Dan, hope your well! Lets start at the beginning. Were you interested in bodybuilding as a child or were you always an athlete and you turned to bodybuilding later in your teen years?

Ok, so the guys and girls that knew me growing will be the first to say bodybuilding/physique was not my thing. Growing up my dreams and ambitions were to be the best I physically could be in every sport I set my mind too. Wether it be Rugby, Athletics, Cross Country or even Football. I had what my old running coach would call “a insane engine” meaning when it came to distance work it was my bread and butter. I had a strong mental attitude with never giving in or not giving up. Now if you look at any bodybuilder or physique athlete they don’t exactly look like track stars haha. This exact reason was why I got into the Gym. Believe it or not I was bullied in school for always being that “skinny” kid. Deep down I knew I was far stronger mentally and physically fitter but that didn’t change anything. One day enough was enough and I had joined my local Gym, that was actually when I had my 15th birthday. (10 years ago and never looked back)

What was the reaction of the people around you when you told them you wanted to be a professional bodybuilder?

To be honest I have had nothing but support from family and friends. I had done a small amount of fitness modelling prior to my first competition so they already knew it was a sort of natural progression. It’s the people that don’t know me or don’t understand are the ones that always have something to say but to be honest it’s the opinion of those people I shut out.

How has your training changed over the years? Would you say you primarily stay within a certain rep range or do you change it up for certain muscle groups?

For me my training was always functional, based on power and speed. I never stay in a certain rep range as the body adapts, it is designed to adapt. If you stick to the same regime, same rep range week in, week out you will hit that natural plateau.
So I always try to mix it up and keep my body guessing, plus it injects some fun into your training 🙂

If you could single out a particular routine that has helped bring out a muscle group what would it be?

I’m a big believer in bodyweight exercises are king. My all time favourite exercise would have to be overhand, wide grip, weighted pull ups. These for me were a game changer on back width!

What is your diet like right now?

As of this week I have started my pre competition cut, so all this is for me is cleaning everything right up without dropping any calories. So my food intake is still high just a lot cleaner with reduced cheat meals. I’m a firm believer in calories in vs calories out and that is currently what I work off.

How does your diet change when you are getting ready for a show?

Without going into detail and giving away everything that I do haha, show prep is all about consistency and being regimented and prepared. You need the consistency and being regimented in the way of weighing out each and every meal, consuming them at the right times day in day out. No days off. That way little changes will be make a big difference so you can really dial it in. Being prepared falls into all of this without the need of an explanation 🙂

What supplements do you use and why?

Morning – CLA, L-Carnitine, for aid in weight loss and metabolic rate
Gold Standard Whey – Upon waking as the body has been fasting while you sleep (up to 8 hours) so a fast acting whey for me is essential.

Pre Training – Gold Standard PRE – simple because it gives me a insane drive and pump after a hard days work
BCAAS, getting those essential Aminos on board is essential to preserve and protect your current muscle tissue while you train.

Post Training – Platinum Hydro Whey – being the highest quality in post workout nutrition. 30g of protein and 15.5 of BCAAS, low carb, low fat and all of which have been pre digested for a faster absorption rate. All in all an excellent product.

Pre Bed – Gold Standard Casein – for that slow release of protein and nutrients while you sleep. As you all should know you grow and repair while you sleep. So a slow release product that can keep you fuelled through this is essential.

If you had to give just one piece of advice/information to people just getting into the industry what would that be?

The only piece I would ever give is to 1)Commit and 2)Believe
This is an over saturated industry with a lot of very good competitors. If you enter this industry half assed or not fully committed you’ll drown. Make sure you set your eyes on a goal and do everything in your power to achieve that goal. Believe in your goal and in your vision. I firmly believe if you have a vision you can achieve that vision my committing yourself to the cause and leaving nothing to chance. Also never listen to the people that say you can’t do it. you have the power to achieve what ever you set your mind to. Why leave some nobody tell you otherwise! Head down and go for it!

Favourite motivational quote?

I am a sucker for motivational speeches. I couldn’t single out one particular quote but the “How bad do you want success” by Eric Thomas pushed me through some dark days of dieting.
I love my old coaches quote of “Empty the tank” too. I shout this exact quote to my morning Spinning class 🙂


As we progress on our fitness journeys we are all constantly learning new things! The aim is not only to provide our own knowledge but also to share your experiences both in and out of the gym.

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