Special Bodypower 2016 Announcement!

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Learn As You Lift was started from nothing, just an idea and an immense passion for fitness…

….Fast forward 13 months and it is with great pleasure, that I announce I have now joined forces with the biggest and most influential fitness brand in the world – BodyPower!

We proudly present – ‘The BodyPower Workout Mix’ – An exclusive 60 minute mix to get you pumped for the gym!! Featuring all genres of music, from House & EDM, to Hip Hop & RnB…We’ve got you covered!!!
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Thank you to every single person that has shown support to me since I started Learn As You Lift in January ’15, I honestly really mean that. Click below to listen to the first 2 mixes now:

The Bodypower Workout Mix


As we progress on our fitness journeys we are all constantly learning new things! The aim is not only to provide our own knowledge but also to share your experiences both in and out of the gym.

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