5 Benefits Of Using A Hybrid Cloud Solution

Businesses are increasingly incorporating Cloud computing technologies within their hosting plans and solutions. As a result, Cloud Web Hosting plans offer a myriad of benefits to website owners, from reliability, enhanced scalability, flexibility, performance to security. 

But the Cloud environment today has become more complex, where the Hybrid Cloud offers the best Cloud Hosting plans, combining the best features of a public and Private Cloud Hosting environment.

According to the Hybrid Cloud Report by NTT 2021, around 60.9% of global businesses use the Hybrid Cloud, and 32.7% of businesses plan to incorporate the Hybrid Cloud within the next couple of years. 

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A Hybrid Cloud is collaboratively made of both the private and public on-premises Cloud infrastructure. As a result, the website’s workload can be easily moved and managed between the two interconnected Cloud environments, offering the high business flexibility and agility needed for data deployment. 

The following video further explains a Hybrid Cloud setup:

Understanding Hybrid Cloud

What are the benefits of using a Hybrid Cloud solution?

Hybrid Cloud’s popularity is growing amongst several businesses because of the several advantages it offers. Here are the five benefits of using a Hybrid Cloud solution.

  1. Improved security

When using a Public Cloud solution, the data thefts and other security risks and chances still pertain. It is an open Cloud environment that is more susceptible and prone to data leaks and cyber attacks than Private Cloud networks. This creates a risk for websites, especially those that accept their customer’s private information such as passwords and banking details. 

Organizations cannot afford to lose such sensitive customer data. However, Hybrid Cloud businesses have more control over their customer’s sensitive data and security. It offers data storage with added encryption methods in a Private Cloud environment. This provides data with an additional level of security before it is transmitted to the Public Cloud. 

  1. Better control

Hybrid Clouds allow businesses to customize it per their needs and requirements. It also ensures that businesses have complete control over their website’s data using a Private Cloud; instead of providing the IT infrastructure and entire website data to a third-party Cloud provider, businesses decide what they can have control over through their Private Cloud. 

  1. Improved scalability 

A Hybrid Cloud plan offers seamless scalability, allowing you to keep your sensitive data, assets, and operations in the Private Cloud and leverage Cloud scalability and expansion on the Public Cloud. 

It also allows businesses to quickly adapt to the changing demands, optimize IT performance, and test new products using the public platform. 

  1. Reduced costs

Hybrid Cloud significantly reduces IT costs for the long term. It is an ideal hosting solution for businesses that require strict and high data security with a cost-efficient scaling operation. 

Here businesses’ critical data is stored in a Private Cloud within the Hybrid Cloud and offers cost-effective scaling. 

  1. Reliability and business continuity

Hybrid Cloud is one of the best Cloud services that improve a website’s reliability by reducing potential server downtime. In addition, it also offers a reliable backup service and quick data and website recovery in case of server failure. 

Summing Up

A Hybrid Cloud, which is an efficient amalgamation of Private and Public Cloud, offers reliable, secure, high availability and uptime, and high performing web hosting solutions for businesses. 

Therefore, buy Cloud Hosting with a Hybrid Cloud solution for your business if you think it is ideal for your website. Make sure to analyse the requirements of your website and compare multiple plans and providers before you finalise on the best Cloud Hosting service for your website.