Factors to be Considered While Choosing the Top Colleges and Universities in India

Choosing the right college or university is actually a daunting task. You along with your family might undergo a lot of confusion and anxiety during this phase. You need to do a lot of research before picking any of the top colleges and universities in India. Once you shortlist some of the colleges and universities, you should thoroughly go through their websites to gather every possible information about them be it positive or negative. In this article, we would discuss some of the vital points that you need to consider before taking admission anywhere.

Factors to be considered

  • The affiliation – With private universities growing like mushrooms in the country nowadays, the affiliation from a proper body is very important. A proper affiliation determines the status of the university and decides if it is one of the top universities in India. This also plays a crucial role in shaping your career.
  • The majors offered – Do sufficient research in checking the different kinds of majors the college you are planning to take admission in offers. Considering the combination of majors and minors offered and the different opportunities you get exposed to should play a key role while deciding whether you should take admission
  • The reputation of the department – When you check the list of the top colleges in India, never give weight only to the rankings but also check the reputation of the different department which you are planning to take up as major. The SAT/ACT range also helps you determine whether that college or university would be a realistic choice for you.
  • The infrastructural facilities –
  • Basic Infrastructure – The infrastructure of a college or university plays a vital role in your selection process. Check if they have proper classrooms, labs, provide equipment based education, etc.
  • Hostel facilities – If the college or university is in the outskirts then see if it has a hostel facility. If yes, check if the rooms are clean and well-ventilated having proper water and Wi-Fi connection. Appropriate canteen and recreational facilities are also a must.
  • Extra-curricular activities – Extra-curricular activities play an important part in the overall personality development of students.
  • Placement opportunities – Even if you are considering taking admission in any of the top colleges and universities in India, always check the past placement record and then decide.
  • Alumnus and future career prospects – Alumni help you get a clear picture of the background of the college and help you judge if that environment is right for your career. A college with enthusiastic alumni might help you find internships or even jobs in good companies.
  • Position – Since you need to put in daily effort to get better grades so it is always advised that you look for a college or university which is not very far from your place. Or else, you will get tired of travelling and get tired by the time you reach home.
  • Overall cost – Though the other factors may seem to be important, what actually matters the most is the cost involved. Usually, private institutions are more expensive than government colleges and state universities.