Finding The Safe Balance Between Multiple Careers

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed many people taking on more than one job and pursuing all kinds of careers.

For most people, work stops at 5 pm, but for hustlers who are working on more than one job, the work never stops. They need to refocus and then get back to work for the whole night – and then they just have a few hours left after that to get back up in the morning and repeat the whole process again.

However, at one point, the pressure can get too much which is why a lot of people who start working in more than one job can actually find it difficult to keep up with it. But if you are determined to follow through with working multiple jobs, consider looking at the lives of people who have successfully managed to handle their own multiple careers.

Phillip Sanders is a highly acclaimed American songwriter and country music artist – but that is not all. He has also been known for being an accomplished entrepreneur for the clothing, wine, and fragrance business and as a commercial investor for oil and gas.

He initially started his career as a musician in 2016. He released his song ” Never Thought I Could Change,” featuring Curt Ryle and “With Her I’am” in 2019, which hit #10 on Joyce Ramgatie’s top 40’s single chart.

Moreover, he also obtained the mechanical license for “I Don’t Think I Will” and “Another You,” where he was able to release the songs again with music videos, giving these songs justice. Currently, he is working on his clothing line called Graciano Collection, Ltd. and a fragrance line.

It has been difficult for him to balance his music, entrepreneurship, and personal life, but with time, he has figured out a few ways to help him and others like him find the best way to balance multiple careers with more finesse.

Find Quick Fixes For Housekeeping Tasks

When you are working on multiple jobs, housekeeping work can often come as an afterthought. Thinking about making dinner or cleaning your workspace might seem impossible, but in reality, these matters are important to focus on because they ensure that you are getting the fuel you need to work better and in a clean environment.

In that case, try simplifying these duties. Consider crockpot meals that only require you to put in a bunch of ingredients before work, and by the time you come home, you are ready to eat it. You can also maintain your exercise routine by walking to work or walking up the stairs instead of the elevator. This way, it will not hinder your job timings and still give your body a healthy boost.

Planning Ahead of Time

Keeping a close eye on your schedule is crucial. Unexpected events are likely to pop up and can hinder your productivity – you might be thinking you have a free night to work on your freelance project only to find that your boss calls you at the last minute for some work.

In order to keep your priorities straight, take some time during the weekend to write out a schedule for the coming week. If there is an event happening soon, you can easily shift your work to a more suitable time and consider moving most of the difficult work during the start of the week so that you can do the easy stuff around the end. This will lead to fewer burnout chances and give your mind and body something less to stress about.