Five Effective Ways to Learn and Master Multiple Musical Instruments

Learning a new musical instrument is not easier than learning a new language. First, you must have enough money to get your interests accomplished, and secondly, you need to make an effort to learn multiple instruments. Sometimes people do it to enhance their skill set, while sometimes, it is essential to learn one instrument to master another, as most instruments are pretty related.

Dr George Freundlich is a professional multi-instrumentalist and a career musician. He has mastered three musical instruments. Thus, feel free to learn from him.

Learning multiple instruments simultaneously can have benefits and drawbacks at the same time. Music knowledge grooms your personality. Music can be an excellent niche for a successful career. On the other hand, it can restrict you from mastering a specific skill, but that is another debate.

Following are a few ways that help you to learn multiple musical instruments

  • Practice Daily

Practice is a glue that keeps you stuck to the instrument and helps you find creative things in that instrument. But there are rules to practicing music.

1. Never skip practice. You have to do it daily. Otherwise, you are not going to ace it.

2. Never practice less than yesterday. It would be best to revise the lesson entirely from what you learned yesterday.

3. Repeat all previous lessons daily and thoroughly on all instruments.

4. Another thing is to give an equal amount of time to every single instrument, or you will miss another’s practice.

George Freundlich is now a successful musician because of his willingness to learn and practice daily to enhance his music skills.

  • Dilute your Efforts

It is important to dilute your efforts if you are trying to master multiple musical instruments. It is possible that one can start giving more time to one of his favorite instruments. It is a matter of interest that one finds himself attracted to a single instrument, but this needs to be avoided.

Mastering multiple instruments needs dilution of your efforts. You have to fix the practice timing for each instrument. In the meantime, your complete focus must be on it. After that, you have to move towards another instrument and give your time along with the same devotion to it.

  • Instruments must Relate to Each Other

Musical instruments are usually related, but few instruments like guitar, banjo, or ukulele are identical in use. Try practicing on closely identical instruments, and it will make it easier for you to learn them faster.

Instead, if you learn piano and guitar simultaneously, you could fail to catch both. There are whole different approaches for both of them. You may mess up both lessons in your mind. So it’s essential to practice on related instruments.

  • Get Involved in the Music Environment

A significant impact on human life is made by its company. You cannot reach the depth of something without changing your environment according to it. 

Try to make friends who understand or know music. Join a band to learn more and more things about different aspects of music.

  • Stay Hungry for Music Knowledge

The knowledge of music is too wide to understand in a single life but keep seeking it, and learning is the best way to master multiple instruments. You can join a music school and ask as many questions as teachers. 


The above article concludes that if you want to master multiple musical instruments, start it today as its knowledge is too wide to waste your time. Follow the above tips to help yourself.