Free Membership with CloudBB

CloudBB is one of the best membership management software that allows you to save your valuable time and money. It also provides extra layers of security to your operations. Additionally, it performs administrative and repetitive tasks automatically. A creative childcare solution that helps you focus on your core childcare business as elementary education has a lot of intricacies. It requires your special attention all the time and if not handled properly, it can lead to negative events.

Here, we are going to discuss some more features of this software in detail so you can have a better understanding of this app.

  1. It provides a comprehensive record of attendance which allows you to keep an eye on who showed up and who didn’t. It also helps you to accurately bill your clients for the service they need and not make any mistake.
  1. The online forms available for parents to enroll their kids are easily accessible. They can fill them up online in no time without facing any problems.
  1. CloudBB is an ideal place to sort out all your payments. It automatically creates childcare invoicing, receive payments, set-up recurring paying and notify your clients about any pending payments.
  1. This childcare daily app helps in sending regular updates to both drivers and parents about the changes made in the schedules. See? Managing schedules on short notices just became much easier.
  1. CloudBB provides a 24/7 customer support service. They are available to help through any glitch you might come across while using the software. But there is a great possibility that you might never need them. CloudBB is tested and guaranteed to perform.
  1. In this era of digital marketing, this app comes up with a bunch of powerful marketing features, such as open house planning. This kind of activities helps you acquire more customers in short periods of time. Using this software, you can also set up different kind of campaigns where you can invite all sorts of people. After that, it allows you to monitor these activities, through which you can make the necessary strategic changes for more success.

This teacher parent communication app provides you with a chance to improve your efficiency and save some of your valuable time and energy. CloudBB is one of the best childcare software that provides its services free for a whole month. Enough time to get acquainted with its features and understand its value in your child’s life. You have to make sure that everything is working out in order. No bills and payments are left unpaid. The thing with this app is, it ensures that you pay attention to things such as tuition fees, student’s data, lessons, child pick up time, staff details, etc., all in one place. You don’t have to maintain a file or a diary to store all this information. Just one place, and with a few clicks you can be done with your responsibilities.