Grammar Tips to Help You Crack ACT


ACT (American College Testing) is a test held in various parts of the globe. It allows students from almost every part of the globe to participate and be eligible for higher education in America.

America is blessed with a few extremely well known and academically brilliant colleges. This test is the deciding factor for these colleges. The main subject that holds the maximum marks to decide your potentiality in this test is ‘English’. Therefore to accelerate your ACT test prep here are a few tricks in grammar that you should master.

No Use of Comma before or After the Prepositions

This is a common problem with English grammar that mostly all students from various parts of the globe face. People are seldom able to master and know the importance of the comma. Most of the students in today’s times too do not know how to use them and hence face the problem during ACT. Always remember not to use a comma before or after any use of preposition for your grammar. Prep Expert is a one-stop place where you can learn the rules of Grammar and have ACT preparation in the best way.  

Shorter Sentences

Another very easy and convenient trick to use while appearing for your ACT is used short sentences. This enhances the quality of your writing and makes it easy to score higher marks. Short sentences are easier to understand therefore the problem of any miscommunication can be completely eradicated.


Idioms are generally a part of English writing and speaking. They make communication more effective. The use of idioms enhances the quality of your writing. Using them for your ACT test would be one of the best options to rely on. When you appear for your mock test at Prep Expert, you will see better performance due to right understanding and usage of idioms.

Colons and Sentences

Whenever we use colons grammatically, we often do not give much attention to how and where to use them. This thing isn’t good when you aim to do well in an ACT test. Never put colon unless it is followed by a complete sentence. This major problem is being faced by a lot of students across the world. When you aim to clear ACT, you can best more and more pro tips from Prep Expert instructors  

These were just some basic tips that are going to help you score better and accelerate your ACT test prep.