How to Find the Right IELTS tutor in Chiang Mai?

IELTS score is a globally accepted score and is the certification that confirms one’s English Proficiency. If you are going to appear for the IELTS test and want to prepare well for the exam, then you need to study methodically. Because the IELTS test has Listening, reading, writing, and speaking test that might require you to practice well and get a good score. If you are thinking to get an IELTS training from a private tutor or coaching center, then here are few tips for you to choose the Right IELTS tutor in “Chieng Mai” (เรียน IELTS เชียงใหม่, which is the term in Thai).

Experience of the Tutor or Faculties

A well-experienced tutor will have relevant information and strategies to help you not only pass the test but also get a good IELTS score. If you are searching for the tutor or institute online, then you can check the experience and qualification of the tutor on the website, or you can also ask them about their qualification and experience in training IELTS students. An experienced tutor will help you with the right academic assistance and study materials to use. 


No matter whether you are searching for the private tutor or training center, you should always check for Flexibility. While some training center only trains their students at the center, a private tutor can come to your home and assist you. Some training centers also offer face to face classes in the training center. Choose the one that fits into your requirement, and you should not forget to check for the timing flexibility. Check whether they have different batches and can schedule IELTS training according to your preference.

Study Material and Mock Test

Study materials are one of the essentials to make you learn everything that course demands. You also need to practice online mock test so that you can get the idea of your performance, and mistakes. Check whether the training center or tutor offers you to practice mock test. Ask them how frequent they offer students to take a mock test. Practice Mock test is of a great way to know your strengths and weakness so that you can concentrate on your weak parts and improve your score.

Weekend Batches

If you are not a student, but a working professional who wants to study IELTS or for some reasons who want to study on weekends, then you must check whether they have weekend batches available.