Insights on ITI Drafting and Design Degree

Any structure, process, or product you come across was initiated with an idea; it is then advanced to a model or a drawing. From this point, an actual process of creation begins and a prototype is formed. The prototype is analyzed, and if tested positive, it is developed into the end product. A person produced the model and drawings with design and drafting talents.

Existing design and drawing knowledge and talents to those planning to obtain an Associate Degree at ITI Technical College will be highly enhanced. Skills acquired by graduates will be applied in developing:

  • The capability to represent 3-D buildings and objects on computers from paper.
  • Estimating the sums of materials that are required for construction
  • Designs and drawings with the aid of computer-aided drafting (CADD and CAD) programs model
  • Interpretation of designs and drawings
  • Plan for roads, homes, airplanes, machines, businesses, and dams

If the drafting and design descriptions appeal to you, then it’s high time you do thorough research on this lucrative career and its benefits. This piece gives you insight into the variation between design and drafting school.

Upon job entry, most graduates are required to start by drawing houses and buildings for business. You will draw and design a full set of applicable drawings for carpenters, contractors, and other building workers from notes, ideas, and plans. If the drafting industry does not appeal to you, you may start with civil engineering projects, electrical, manufactured products, electronic products, and roads.

Accurate representation of drawing is what is involved in drafting. At the ITT Technical College, there is room for guessing at dimensions, shapes, and objects’ size. The use of the latest tools and training is advocated in order to obtain final approval.

Design goes beyond drawing an object from someone’s ideas, notes, and plans. It is the actual process of planning and envisioning a wide range of objects. Design base emphasis on the user, as they vital in the actual implementation. When you build solutions, abstracts, and products beyond a business and personal needs, you have designed.

What is required to succeed in the drawing and drafting course by ITI Technical Institute?

  • Special attention to details in drawings and knowledge of what is required.
  • Being capable of concentrating for a long time and completing projects on time
  • Taking your time to learn and having the image of objects in 3-D dimensions
  • Be equipped with interest in learning how things are assembled into one.
  • Aim at achieving the set goals on the job project
  • Learn good communication skills for easy interaction with colleagues.