When you are starting off with university, there are so many decisions that you need to take. One such big decision is whether you should live on campus at the York University Residence or off-campus. These decisions need to be well calculated as they have an impact on your university life. In some institutions, you may be asked to live in the dorms during your first year. However, if that is not the case then following are some factors you need to weight before deciding whether you want to stay on campus or off.

Hassles of Transportation

If you are a student who works at a distance from the school and doesn’t own a car, then it is preferable to reside in school as it saves on the transportation cost. This usually happens when the post-secondary institution that you are attending is near the big city and you want to avoid the hassles of public transport.

Your own space

The main advantage of living off-campus is that you get your privacy and you can decide whether you want a roommate or not. But this will help to avoid the constant supervision by the RA. However, if you decide to stay on-campus, in the forms, then you don’t get the option of choosing your roommate. There are strict dorm rules and curfews that you need to adhere to and share a communal bathroom with other students.

You decide what you eat

When you are living off-campus there are more food options available and you purchase your groceries and cook your meals. Whereas, for those on campus, you can only buy food from the restaurants and cafeterias on campus.


Students tend to work a job at odd hours, in this case finding an accommodation off-campus is the best idea, especially if you would love to work longer hours and live alone. It is also a great way of avoiding all the form of noise.

Picking your roommate

Roommates are a part of the university experience, whether you live off-campus or campus. The main benefit of off-campus students is that you get to choose who you want as your roommate. Whereas, if you are living on-campus, then the chances of getting a private room are bleak and it is only available if you offer medical issues or some other legitimate reason. But you will have absolutely no say when it comes to choosing a roommate.

Medical Care

The biggest upside about living on-campus are the services which are offered by the institution. On-campus, you will be given access to nursing services and will have security 24/7 as long as you are within the premises. Off-campus students face a lot of hassle when it comes to finding an apartment which offers a 24-hour long security service and such apartments are also quite expensive.