Keeping Everything on Track: Childcare Software

Young parents are a special category of people who constantly and constantly need advice from outside. So, in any case, it is considered in modern society, ready to come to the aid of these stupid creatures and explain how to properly care for the baby. We inform you in confidence: the majority of unsolicited advice does not work. Especially these. The childcare management software comes easy there.

To rub the child with alcohol to bring the temperature down

Yes, such advice can be heard even from emergency doctors. But in fact, rubbing a baby with alcohol or vodka is impossible , it can be dangerous. Alcohol evaporates quickly from the surface of the skin, and indeed it gives an almost instantaneous effect, but this is really bad, a quickly cooled child may begin to tremble, the body will start to warm up, and the temperature will rise again. In addition, alcohol is bound to enter the child’s body through the skin and through the lungs and can cause poisoning.

Start feeding before four months

Do not be surprised if your grandmother offers the baby yolk or apple juice in two or three monthsearlier it was in the order of things. In the 1960s, even in the West, it was considered normal to start feeding babies from two months. Do not be fooled by thisthe World Health Organization recommends feeding healthy babies only with breast milk or formula for up to six months. The earliest age of the beginning of complementary foods is four months. You can start early feeding up only on the recommendation of a very good competent doctor. The registration software is the next best thing there.

Be sure to sterilize the bottles before each use

It is not necessary to boil infant dishes each timeit is enough to sterilize it once, before first use. Then you can simply wash the bottles and teats with hot water with a special detergent for baby dishes or in a dishwasher. With nipples in general, you need to be carefultoo frequent rinsing with boiling water and sterilization can cause cracks and damage to the product. Sucking the nipple with tears and cracks is dangerous, because there is a real risk of choking with a fallen piece. With the childcare software you will be able to keep everything under track.

Putting the baby to sleep on the belly

Some time ago it was believed that babies should sleep on their stomachs in order not to choke and not to choke on saliva or regurgitated milk or a mixture. However, as child health specialists tell us , young children cough up or simply swallow the liquid that got into their airways during sleep, this is a reflex action that any healthy baby is able to carry out. Moreover, supine sleep is considered the healthiest option for positioning a child in a cot or crib: this posture is considered to be the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome. At the same time laying out on the stomach as, let’s say, infant physical culture, is very useful and recommended by pediatricians as an excellent training of muscles, motor functions and even prevention of skull deformities.