PCM, PCB, or PCMB – Which Should You Choose in 11th Grade?

It can be tough to decide after completing your 10th for both parents and students. A crucial decision specifically for students who want to pursue a science stream is “which subjects to choose in 11th?”, “PCM, PCB, or PCMB?”, “medical or non-medical?”, “which is better and more beneficial for the future?”. We are here to answer all these questions for you.

PCM, PCB, or PCMB? Which to choose in class 11th?

  • PCM is for students who want to pursue engineering after 12th.
  • PCB is for students who want to pursue Medical after 12th
  • PCMB is for students who are not sure what to pursue after the 12th. Hence, it allows them to keep both the option of Engineering and Medical.

In class 11th, when should one take non-medical?

Students who are interested in Math as a major should pursue something non-medical, like PCM. Students who are comfortable with solving complex questions and understanding different theorems of mathematics or who have made up their minds to pursue engineering. So they can prefer PCM as the subject in their 11th. The career option is also vast if you choose to study engineering as you can be a Civil Engineer, Software Engineer, Automation and Robotics Engineering, and many more. But there would be several times there when students might face numerous doubts while studying. So they can utilize technology to get their doubts solved by simply downloading a PCM doubts app. As it would help them to solve their doubts instantly.

When to pursue medicine in class 11th?

A student who wants to pursue a career in the medical field or who doesn’t want to take math as a subject should always consider PCB as a subject in 11th grade. The student is likely more interested in studying biology and pursuing medicine than studying math and pursuing engineering, PCB will be preferred. Here’s a tip: Physics is a tricky subject irrespective of what you choose. Hence a physics doubts app can come in handy. Even while choosing between PCM or PCB there should not be a hurdle while studying. Studying medicine has vast career options such as Doctor, Dentist, and many others.

Can a student take PCMB? Can they take both Maths and Biology?

Yes, a student can pursue all four subjects in Class 11th – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology. Students who find it difficult to choose between Engineering and Medical can pursue PCMB as both career options are open for them. Many students have achieved it previously, but it is challenging to study all four subjects simultaneously. They will be able to benefit from technology by downloading the PCMB doubts app as it is challenging to study math and biology at the same time but it allows a candidate to prepare for both IIT JEE and NEET.

Medical or Engineering? Which has better scope?

There is no comparison between medical and engineering. Both have different objectives; the scope is good in both medical and engineering.