PLAY Preschool Silverlake – Is Your Child Ready for Play School

Playschool is very good preparation for going into kindergarten and the years of education beyond that; however, just because your child has reached a certain age, this does not mean that he or she is ready for playschool. Experts say that children develop at their own pace, and they have unique needs for stimulation of their social and intellectual needs. As a parent, if you really want your child to go to playschool, start off by knowing your little one and observing whether he/she is ready for the jump or not.

PLAY Preschool Silverlake – Evaluate your child before sending him/her to the right playschool

PLAY Preschool Silverlake is a credible name for toddlers and young learners in Los Angeles in the USA. It is known for its friendly teachers and teaching strategies for preschoolers in and around the adjoining areas. This school is well-known for its methodologies and care when it comes to teaching young learners the basics of language, math, art, and social skills. Parents are happy with the way their children are taught and prepared for the next stage of their education- kindergarten.

How can you assess your child for playschool?

If you are planning to place your child in a playschool, you need to observe his/her socializing, listening, and language or communication skills. Again, some preschools that lay down the rule that your child should be potty trained, and so here again, you need to keep your child’s toilet habits in mind. Experts in child development state you should assess your child’s personality to determine the right playschool for the child. For instance, if your child has a lot of energy and gets bored during the day without the need for sleep, placing him/her in a good playschool can be a wise decision. If your child loves to socialize and talk, placing the kid with other children of the same age is a good step towards early education too!

How can you choose the best play school for your child?

Once you have correctly assessed your child, the next step is to find and choose the right playschool for him/her. Note, playschool is not mandatory by law, and if you have a slow-developing child, you can wait for some years more and place the kid in kindergarten directly once he/she is old enough. If you still want to enroll your child in playschool, check out the following-

  1. The reputation and credentials of the playschool in the area
  2. The ratio of teachers to children
  3. Do the children get sufficient playtime, or is the curriculum completely academic?
  4. Are the fees budget-friendly?
  5. Do you agree with their educational approach? Some schools use educational approaches like Waldorf or Montessori, so do some research about them to help you.

The staff at PLAY Preschool Silverlake say the above are just some of the factors to consider before placing your child in playschool. You can talk to parents of children that go to neighborhood playschools to get honest feedback about the school before you place your child in it.