Stepping off to college means starting a whole new chapter of life. A student is not only excited about the learning experiences inside the campus but also about learning to live on their own and becoming completely independent. When you are starting college, it is best to look for apartments near University of Manitoba. Being near the campus will help you to get the best experience of college life. The residency that you opt for should have all the amenities that you would be requiring. We are here to tell you what goes behind the making of a great luxurious student residency.

Great Amenities

There is no denying the fact that the amenities offered by the residency have a crucial role to play. Most of the luxurious student residences are fully furnished with an XL bed, a desk and a Kitchenette. Internet is integral, so there should be high-speed internet. The presence of a Smart TV to binge watch your show only add to the great amenities being offered. Most of the residencies have grocery stores nearby and a gym and study lounges in the building itself. The lounges, laundry and fitness areas in the building should be open throughout the day.

Highly convenient

When you are a student, life can get topsy turvy at any point in time so convenience and easy access have a really central role to play. Luxurious Residences like The Arc have a grocery store in their building, this will make things a lot easier for you. You can head out and get your favourite snack whenever you want to.

Presence of a Community Assistant

Community assistant is student residents who work as a liaison between the management team and residents. They help with the daily operations of the office, take your feedback and answer all the questions that you might have. They are there to help you out at every step. Whenever living alone gets overwhelming and you need any advice, they are there for you.

Availability of Parking

If you own a car, then you would need a parking spot and a place which can offer you that. Most residencies have parking spaces available for rent.

Distance from the campus

A Student Residency truly ever becomes a luxury when it is situated close to the campus. This helps to ensure that you get to classes on time. When the residency is located conveniently across the entrance of the campus, it can’t get easier than that.

Take an informed decision

When you are unsure about the residency and whether it would be perfectly suited for you, check out the pictures and amenities which are being offered by them. See if the apartment can fulfil all the requirements that you have out of living space. Share your questions with the management and when you think you have been satisfied with the responses then make an informed decision about the same. As you would be spending a lot of your time in the room, it is best to make a decision you are sure of.