The gel pen is chosen for a reason

A clean and neat write is essential to have an impressive write up. Something other than ink pens that doesn’t smudge and something other than ball point pens that soonest blots. It must be free flowing and free from residues and blots. Is there a replacement for these conventional writing mechanisms? Of course there is. It is the best gels pens. The best gel pens are another type of writing pens that are somewhat intermediate between a ballpoint pen and an ink pen.

The difference between these conventional pens and best gel pens is that of the ink that is used in these best gels pens. The best gels pens use a particular type of ink that is higly viscous but not too flowy like the ink pens. At the same time these viscous ink in the best gels pens are not too thick and cloggy like the ball point ink. 

Hence they are chosen to be the best gels pens and are widely used foe multiple purposes. However these best gels pens use the same mechanism of ball and socket to bring the ink onto the papers. They also work on the reservoir to fill and store the ink used for writing. These reservoirs of the best gels pens are called as refills. 

It works on the principle of suspension of a viscous liquid in a water based gel like ink. The ink of the best gels pens is darker and is seen more prominent on darker surfaces depending on the colour of the ink. 

There is also a clear thick fluid at the end of the refill just behind the best gels pens ink. This clear fluid prevents the ink from flowing out of the back of the refill. But if this fluid at the back evaporates then there are chances that the ink might flow out at the back. 

Reviving the reviver of writes:

Even though the best gel pens have many advantages they still have some cons just like their cousins. It is that in some cases the ink of the best gel pens might experience drying up of the ink. At these times the pen can be shaken up and down to bring back the viscous ink to the nib. These best gel pens also experience other troubles like getting into contact with air bubbles. This may cause stoppage of the flow of ink to the nib of the pen. Hence hinder the writing of the pen. 

During these times the pen can be soaked in warm water to liquify the solidified ink. This will facilitate the easy flow of ink from the refill. After trying out this, attempt to write or scribble randomly on a sheet of paper to bring back the ink to the nib of the pen. This will relese any air bubbles and also helps in bringing the ink to the nib. 

To avoid all these circumstances and keep the gel pens as best gel pens store the gel pen facing downwards so that the ink keeps flowing to the tip. The gel pen ink has a tendency to dry up fast hence always keep the pen closed and never leave it without the cap. When all these are done the gel pens can last longer and serve as the best gel pens for you.