Things To Take Into Consideration While Writing for a Publication House

A generic version is offered for referral on this page, but please consult your publishing editor for guidelines particular to the list or imprint for which you are writing.


  • Distribution Day and Size


The agreed date of delivery of your manuscript is mentioned in the agreement. The publishing house needs to recognise of any hold-ups you encounter immediately so that they can concur a new date. Most publication houses arrange publications for publication approximately fifteen months ahead of time, and it is essential that the publication housework from proper timetables organise the production and promo of your book. The agreement likewise mentions a maximum length for your manuscript. If, while writing your publication, it becomes clear that the concurred length is impracticable, please call the publication house as soon as possible. The publication house can normally fit small adjustments in size; however, more significant changes will need significant factor to consider as they are likely to influence the asking price, and also, consequently, on the sales potential of the book.


  • Authorisations


Consent from the copyright proprietor must be gotten for any type of third-party products mentioned that autumn outside the remit of ‘fair dealing.’ For details on the analysis of fair selling, please consult the Society of Authors site.

You need to note that there is no fair dealing exemption for epigraphs, which constantly need consent, as do quotations of any type of length from rhymes, letters, verses and recipes. Artwork and photos, including pictures, maps as well as sketch also need to be written permission. Xeroxes or scans of authorisations approved must be submitted on the delivery date along with your manuscript.


  • Artwork and Images


The use of pictures, as well as the number permitted, will have concurred with your appointing editor as well as stated in the contract. Any modifications to these specifications must be accepted by your Commissioning Editor ahead of the entry of the last manuscript.