To-Do List For NEET 2020

Let’s admit, all of us have gone through those rough days where we have had a ton of things to complete but have no idea how to get our heads around it. Most of the time, we find ourselves getting overwhelmed by the number of tasks we are expected to wrap up on a daily basis. Many times, we have so many balls in the air that we may even end up losing track of a few loose ends and miss out on completing the important errands. If the worst comes to worst, we end up feeling like we barely are able to keep our heads above water. And at these instances, when you are in deep waters, a to-do list comes really handy.

With NEET 2020 fast approaching (3rd May 2020), we bring to you a list of things that should be on your checklist before appearing for the biggest examination of the country.

  • Have a high aim. Target your dream medical college, your course of action will accordingly follow suit
  • Document a study planner, follow it with discipline
  • Read meticulously, revise exhaustively, repeat. Every time you read/revise a topic, frame your own questions around it and try to answer
  • Master NCERT syllabus. You must have read practically every line from NCERT textbooks and thoroughly understood NEET syllabus. Apart from this, one must have equally read through related books for each of the four NEET sections viz., Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology
  • If you still have not started your NEET preparations, the suggestion would be to start with NEET question papers first. This serves as an eye-opener, drawing the attention of aspirants towards the exam pattern, question paper layout, marking scheme, difficulty level and much more. Thereby, your reading/studying pattern changes accordingly
  • Good study material is as important an element. It may seem like a task with a myriad of options out there to pick from, but with the help of experts and online assistance, you can certainly zero down on the right one.
  • Master your strengths while not forgetting your weaker sections. Dedicate a time slot exclusively only to strengthen your weak points. Look for mock papers and sample papers that cover questions on your weak sections and practice them.
  • Make your own notes. Highlight important points, so you can just glance through and remember it for long. This is extremely helpful for last-minute studies
  • Use mnemonics to remember
  • If you find something complicated to remember, make a pictorial representation of it. It really helps. You may also use flow-charts, graphs and play around with data. 
  • Diagrams, especially in the Biology section must be literally scanned in your brains. Every labelling, its positioning must be well placed in your minds.
  • Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Take enough breaks, sleep well, engage in your favourite activity for a while, stay focussed and have a positive mindset!

Practice NEET Question Papers and sample papers rigorously to get a good rank. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for practically everything you need to cover with regards to NEET 2020.