What Makes a High-Quality Early Learning Centre

Everyday, you go through a familiar routine, especially during the weekends when you have children of your own. You drop them off at a preschool or childcare then you run along to start your own day. There could be different reasons as to why you have chosen that specific centre—the cost, or location, maybe the teachers and shared values, the focus of the specific program. But, one thing that every parent hopes is that the child will have a rich-full day filled with support and care and affection from the caregiver.

You realize that you will be doing the same thing for years and years to come until they start setting off on their own. You want to savor the moments, no matter how much of a hassle they can be from time to time. But, as mentioned earlier, you want them to experience great personal and interpersonal relationships as well as succeed in life. And what better way then to start early?

The early years of children, especially their interactions and experiences, are very significant as the brain develops, helping to establish the future learning foundation. Moreover, it is during infancy wherein the most crucial development must be supported since the brain development is at its peak. It is already considered as too late in the case of these developments being put into action during preschool or kindergarten.

When it comes to the quality of an early childhood program, the following key factors are important:

Interpersonal interactions

Your child’s interaction with their teachers sets the earliest tone of how they will react with their future teachers as well as their school attitude and the learning approaches.

Physical environment

Your child needs a physical setting both inside and outside, with your supervision, it will allow them to play and explore and also learn safely. The learning environment requires materials that are engaging and developmentally friendly which will promote independence and exploration based on the different stages of development of the child.

Program Support Structure

  1. There is a need for effective program leaders. They will be able to provide instructional support to teachers including sound business management with regard to the overall program.
  2. There is a need for programs to have structural supports which include access to quality improvement resources, professional development, stable and sufficient funding streams, and a pipeline of well-trained teachers.

Mentioned above are just some of the qualities that help an early learning centre Sydney. There are many more reasons why you should be careful in choosing in which learning centre you will bring your child in. List down all that is important to you when it comes to their growth, but do not forget to leave your own needs out.