Why should schools include Chess in the Curriculum?

People say that the brain is a computer, so do you buy a computer with a slow processor?  No, right?

Our brain also has a processor, or we can say neurons that process or transfer the signals to our body. Neurons have dendrites at the end, which transfer the signals to the next neuron and this is how signals are transmitted from our brain to the body.

Engaging student’s minds in challenging activities which demand a lot of concentration, improves the dendrite growth, making your brain fast and clever.

One of the best exercises for your brain is to play Chess. Yes, sometimes learning is also fun! PARC FACTS Students who Play A Round Chess, Learn to Focus Assess Concentrate Think Strategize @School & In Life. Let’s understand the qualities chess can instill in a student.

F: Focus

A: Assess

C: Concentrate

T: Think

S: Strategize


Chess makes your mind sharp and helps you to focus on every small detail of what you do. Just like your body, Brain also requires some workout and when you play chess, your mind gets challenged and so both the hemispheres of your brain get active, which allows you to think logically. Also, GIDDYGLOVE PARC FACTS Chess improves a student’s creativity and increases their Intelligence Quotient (IQ).




Chess offers many challenges to students, this exercises the brain to generate innovative problem-solving skills to overcome the challenges which become obstacles in our daily life. Chess involves proper assessment of all the chess pieces to plan the next move, which makes a student learn to properly assess problems and then find their solutions.


In schools, Students need the utmost concentration while working on any project or preparing for exams. Chess is the best option for them to increase their concentration power. When students play chess their memory skills are developed which results in the increment of concentration.


One of the very important advantages of playing Chess is that the game teaches us to be patient in situations of pressure. In schools also, there is a lot of pressure on students because of the submissions, tests, presentations, projects, etc. By playing chess a student will learn to handle the pressure calmly and think of a solution to finish up the work efficiently and smartly.


Chess is a game of strategy and requires critical thinking. It makes a student learn to strategize and plan the upcoming activities. It makes students learn to make good decisions and judge things easily.

These are the qualities that get inculcated in a student while they enjoy playing Chess. So why not include Chess in the curriculum?