Fashion designing is an exciting career where designers wear their creative hats and create unique clothing and accessories.

By enrolling in a fashion designing course, students learn how to study fashion trends, sketch amazing designs, select colours, and fabrics for their pieces.

There are a lot of advantages and benefits of choosing a fashion designing course. 

Let’s delve into specifics.


  • Exciting work environment


Fashion designers are mostly concentrated in urban settings where people are trendy and fashion savvy. Most successful fashion designers will travel to fashion shows all over the country and others abroad. They even move out of the country to meet their suppliers and manufacturers.

This creates an exciting work environment, especially for people who love travelling.

Additionally, fashion designers get the rare opportunity of designing unique ensembles for celebrities and other prominent individuals.


  • Trendsetting and entrepreneurship


By pursuing a career in fashion design, you get the opportunity to be a trendsetter. One day you could be a rising fashion designer designing clothes in your bedroom and the next minute your awesome pieces are being featured in award-winning fashion magazines.

The fashion industry is always eager to showcase new faces. This gives upcoming fashion entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their prowess.


  • Plenty of job opportunities


With every passing day, the fashion industry continues to expand its horizons. As such, career opportunities are increasing at a steady rate.

This gives students pursuing a fashion design course job security.

Examples of career opportunities that are in store for fashion students that do not necessarily involve designing clothes include upholsterer, stylist, personal shopper, and fashion photographer among others.


  • Offers challenges


If you are a person who loves challenges, the fashion industry is your best bet.

The fashion world is fast-paced, has a lot of challenges, and there are times where you will work under pressure. 

Additionally, there are times when you will have to challenge yourself and come up with intricate and original pieces. As such, fashion design is the perfect career path for individuals looking to test their limits.


  • Attractive salary ranges


The kind of salary fashion designers get depends on their level of expertise as well as talent. However, even entry-level designers receive an attractive salary. Successful fashion designers who are well-known and famed will receive lucrative salaries.


  • Plenty of growth opportunities


A fresh fashion designing course graduate will mostly start their career as an intern in a fashion company. Others start as an assistant designer.

This may be low-level entry jobs in the fashion industry but they allow the graduate to experience the fashion world and broaden their knowledge in textiles and colours. They also get a better understanding of what makes the fashion industry go round.

After gaining experience, they may advance to more active roles like being the chief designer, creative director among other managerial positions.

After that, some experienced designers will opt to go the entrepreneur road and open a business in the same line.

These are just a few of the opportunities a fashion designing course offers. If you have a creative mind and are always on the look for the latest trends in fashion, pursue a fashion designing course and take your place in this fabulous industry. A university to offer you this course is Manipal University. You can check their website for more details on fashion designing course & the eligibility criteria for the same.