Single Mom – You Can Find Role Models for Your Children Here

Being a single mom is never an easy thing and I believe all the single mom out there trying to give their kids a better life deserve all the appreciation and celebration they can get. From working multiple jobs to helping with school work, showing up for dance classes and musical recitals, it’s a full plate.

Yet for many single moms, there is an area of their child’s parenting where it seems like they are inadequate, and that’s in the area of positive male role models. No matter how great a single mom is, she may never be able to fully fulfill the vacuum of a male role model in the life of a child. 

The statistics are clear, 67% of children who do not have positive male role models – an uncle, a grandpa or some other father figure – in their formative years often end up in crime or worse, in the case of male kids, turn out as bad fatherhood examples. Of course, there are exceptions to these stats, but that’s what they are – exceptions.

I am Sensei Marcus Hinschberger and as a proud father myself, I understand what it must feel like for my kids to be without having a manly figure to model my life after. That’s why when my wife Sensei Christina and I founded our martial arts school, Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento CA, we wanted it to be a place where kids could find positive examples, leadership, structure and male role models. In fact it the best school if you’re searching for a martial arts near me

Over the last thirty years, my wife and I have trained thousands of students from around the world on personal discipline and integrity, resilience, emotional awareness and mastery, commitment, diligence, dedication, physical fitness and wellbeing. Giving students the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves possible.

I believe it is a testament to the legacy we have created when our students tell us about being bullied, or trying to decide what sports to take part in and even career paths to choose, that we have been able to provide some form of guidance and helping them find their true path. 

All our instructors see the kids as “our kids” and we will do whatever it takes to see them succeed, little wonder many of them keep coming back to us and recommending our training to the next generation and others. All this is done by taking the principles of the Japanese martial art of Karate and helping our students apply them practically to life situations.

I believe children need all the positive (male) role models they can find, and I know there is an abundance of them at Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento, CA.

Bring them along today to see our program and watch other kids who can be role models to them too. 

I have no doubt that you won’t have any regret about this decision.

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