The Enduring Genius of the Ballpoint Pen

Whether you are an ambitious writer trying to take on the next great American novel or a real estate agent needing a quality utensil for the first-time home buyer to finalize their purchase, having a well-made ballpoint pen handy speaks to your style and taste. You want something that is crafting with the ideas of writing smoothness, line quality, and hand comfort that elevates your writing game.

Ballpoint pens distribute fast-drying ink without the ink inside the pen’s well or capsule drying up. There is a small ball in the socket at the end of the pen that gives the writing instrument its name. Whenever ink runs out, you simply replace the cartridge inside the pen’s body to continue writing. This is the genius of the ballpoint pen – a reliable utensil that is easy to maintain and use time and time again.

What is the Difference Between a Ballpoint and a Fountain Pen?

Everything starts with the overall design, as we mentioned above. The unique ball and socket feature of a quality ballpoint pen offers far more versatility for your writing needs. After that, you need to consider ink. Ballpoint pens utilize a much thicker ink that lasts longer. That is why you see working professionals using ballpoints at their desks, shirt pockets, and on clipboards. The smooth flow of a thicker ink ensures a reliable instrument at all times.

Fountain pens are designed more for calligraphy and signatures needs than the broad use of a ballpoint pen. The ball and socket approach allows writers to go in any direction and on more surfaces. Unfortunately, a fountain pen is likely to get damaged on a rough surface.

What Makes a Quality Ballpoint Pen?

Wood N Dreams has been a trusted producer of quality pens of all kinds for years. Two of our more popular instruments – cigar twist ballpoint pens and Baron ballpoint pens offer a variety of styles and structures that writing enthusiasts and working professionals enjoy.

Our cigar twist ballpoint pens are made from luxurious wood with the opening mechanism located between the grip and the barrel, offering you an excellent point when you twist the grip. Our Baron ballpoint pens feature a twist mechanism reinforced by ultra-smooth titanium nitride gold or rhodium plating. This ensures the overall look and appeal of your ballpoint pens are of the highest quality.

When you are in need of an excellent replacement for your big box store-bought pens or are looking for an excellent gift for a co-worker, graduate, or peer, visit us at Wood N Dreams. We offer superior craftsmanship for all of our ballpoint pens that will leave you with excellent lines and a comfortable grip. Also, be sure to explore our personalization options to add even more character and style to your selection. With Wood N Style, you get exemplary products that will last a very long time.