The MCA Approved Officer of the Watch OOW 3000GT Yachts Qualification Course

Officer of the watch OOW training course consists of seven modules. You should complete the seven modules to acquire the MCA Officer of the Watch, < than 3000gt, Certificate of Competency. The seven modules are also necessary for preparation for MCA oral examination.

Officer of the Watch OOW Modules

  • GSK- General Ship Knowledge module
  • Navigationand Radar, and ARPA OOW
  • Sea Survival
  • HELM- Human Elements of Leadership and Management Operational Module
  • GMDSS- Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
  • EDH- Efficient Deckhand
  • ECDIS- Electronic Chart Displayand Information Systems
  • MCA-OOW Deck Oral Preparation Course

Officer of the Watch, OOW, Qualifications

To qualify for the OOW course in the UK, you must have the following service;

  • You must be 19 years.
  • You should have 36 months of yacht service on vessels of any size, of which 365 days should be on ships 15 meters’ minimum in loadline length. Of these, a minimum of 250 days should be on actual sea passage and 90 days of the remaining in the yard and 14 days consecutively on standby.
  • You must have a Training Record Book with recordings for at least six months, and each activity you record is signed off by the captain. Note: You do not need a raining Record Book if you can prove 36 months of actual sea service on vessels of 24 meters and above in loadline length.

1.    Navigation and Radar

The navigation and radar course includes familiarizing with Collision Regulations, compass work, Gyro compass, chart work, chart correction, Buoyage system test, practical tides, navigation aids, radar and plotting, ARPA, and AIS.

The course takes three weeks, with the first two weeks covering the theory on all navigation and radar principles and concludes with a written exam.

In the third week; Lessons include practical simulator training necessary to enhance your navigational skills and learn about radar systems.

2.    General Ship’s knowledge GSK, OOW

GSK involves an introduction to the ship construction, buoyancy and damage control, stress, corrosion, load lines, transverse stability, watchkeeping, preparation for sea and maintenance, principles of sea safety, meteorological instruments and their effects, and weather.

3.    Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue BoatsFor OOW Yachts

The course covers prevention, survival and rescue methods. It includes survival action, distress communication, search patterns, life jackets and immersion suits, emergencies and drills, survival craft, MOB, and use of rescue boats. This course covers theory and practical lessons.

4.    Human Elements of Leadership and Management, HELM for Operational Level

STCW Regulations II and III requires that it is mandatory for training in the human element at an operational level. Hence this cause meets the mandatory requirements set out in STCW regulations. The course creates an understanding offundamental human factors influencing human resource management.

5.    Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems, GMDSS

The course involves a high-level radio communication course that covers both theory and practical. The GMDSS course enhances the understanding of radio-telephone communication and search and rescue procedures during emergencies.

6.    Efficient Deckhand, EDH

The course involves ropework and wirework, rigging of boatswain chairs, maintenance routines, seamanship, steering, and lookout of crew members under code of safe working practices for seamen.

7.    Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems, ECDIS

The course covers general principles of electronic chart display systems and regulations, including putting up charts, updating charts, loading news charts, and loading new software. The course also involves essential navigation functions, passage planning, monitoring, identifying locations using ECDIS.

8.    MCA Deck OOW Oral Prep Course

The course requires MCA OOW Notice of Eligibility as a prerequisite. The system targets students who want to sit for MCA OOW Deck oral examination.Experts in the yachting industry usually teach the course. However, the oral-prep course is not compulsory. You will need a Notice of Eligibility to book the final OOW yacht 3000gt oral exam.

STCW certification in OOW yacht 3000gt is essential since the certification proves your credibility in working in the vessels in specific areas.