Tips on How to Prepare for IELTS Exams

Overwhelmed about IELTS preparation! Fortunately, it needs a little planning on how to go on with it. A little adjustment in your study habits will be needed.

Tips on how to prepare for IELTS exams

Concentrate on building core English skills

IELTS student focus on the mock tests only for better preparation. It is a delusion. Test is not knowledge based. Every mock test will hold different content, which you cannot study. Language is skill, so you need to improve its quality. Therefore, learn writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. Doing mock test will not help you build language skills. Obviously getting familiar with the test format is equally necessary but ignoring language skill development is also bad.

Tutoring for IELTS [เตรียม สอบ ielts, which are the term in Thai] is crucial. Moreover, immerse yourself through newspaper, books, movies and music. Group with a few English-speaking friends. You need to become very comfortable with the language in terms of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Learn from weaknesses

Identifying your weaknesses is crucial. Making same mistakes a couple of times need to be corrected. Errors can be related to misspelled words or verb tense or vocabulary. Consider mistakes to be an opportunity to make them right.

Structure essay writing

Writing skills development need proper essay paragraph structuring. You can get averted from topic, so practice to read and understand essay questions. Practice writing sample responses in timed conditions. Handwriting has to be readable and neat.

Practice speaking

Take help from friends to practice speaking. Become comfortable answering spontaneously and naturally. Never memorize for part 2 because examiners identify it. Practice to speak about yourself [opinions and experiences] daily.

Read different kinds of articles

Read general topics like climate change, history, sociology, newspaper, etc. reading will allow to expand your vocabulary in context.

Take practice tests

Learn test strategies and tips. Apply to practice tests. You will learn to manage time and efficiently complete every section of your exam. Time management is crucial for language skill success.