The Need of Phonics Classes for Your Child

Learning English can be a bit challenging if you are not from a native English speaking country. As a child learning a language that is not your native tongue can be very confusing, especially if your native language is quite different from the target language.

English is a language that obeys strict pronunciation rules and has variations and exceptions when it comes to pronouncing certain words. Learning English using the alphabets alone is no longer considered a full-proof method of learning English. This is the reason why signing up for phonics classes in Singapore for your child is a step in the right direction in today’s world.

What are some of the main reasons why you should consider enrolling your child in a phonetics class? Let us look at some of the main ones:

  • Better Learning Of English:

When your child is learning English, teaching them phonetics will help them understand how the pronunciation of different words occurs. English has 44 recognizable sounds according to the International Phonetic Association.

Teaching your child how to read English using phonetic symbols will help better their English in a lot of ways. It helps them to learn the correct pronunciation of words, and this helps them greatly in arriving at the correct spelling of words.

  • Learning Accents:

English, being a global language, has a wide variety of accents that are spoken by different people in different parts of the world. Accents can vary from place to place within the same country. If you learn English in a particular accent, it becomes difficult for you to comprehend other accents.

Learning English using phonetic symbols makes the child aware of how different words are pronounced in different accents around the world. This makes it easier for the child, at a later stage, to be able to not only understand foreign accents but also to talk in a neutral accent wherever necessary.

  • Useful Professionally:

If you sign your child up for phonics classes Singapore it can be beneficial for him or her not only in school but also professionally. Phonics classes teach a child how to transcribe a sentence.

This skill can become useful when taking down dictation in school or later in the workspace. Transcribing a sentence saves time as you do not have to figure out spellings of words when writing them.

English has become a language that is essential in every sphere of life today. Learning it in a way that enhances your ability is a bonus which can be acquired from phonics classes.